How Do I Prep My Front Door Before Painting It?

Any good painter knows the paint job is only as good as its surface! Prepping a surface before painting is a major key in the finial finished painted product.

How you should go about painting your front door?

Simple, Step one should always be prepping your front doors surface.

So how do I do that you probably are asking yourself. Follow these simple steps and you will be ready to paint your first front door.

Cleaning the door is important. You sould be cleaning away dirt, debris, grime, mold, mildew, anything else that may be there like lizard poop, seriously! Cleaning the front door should realistically be done with a pressure washing machine using a chemical injection of what Rose Home Services recommends, chlorine. Chlorine kills the living organisms in the mold or mildew. You never want to paint a surface with living organisms, the paint will NOT adhere to the surface. If you do not own a pressure washer, you can hire a local pressure washing company to come clean your front door and really should have the whole house done at the same time, not to mention the roof. However that will be another subject another time. If you really are unable to get a hold of a pressure washer thats fine, use a high powered hose, scrub brush to scrub a chlorine solution on the door. Wash away all soap or chlorine completely when you are finished. 

Second step in removing hardware like the locks or handles. This is common knowledge, no need to explain.

Third, sanding the hec out of the painted surfaces you intend to repaint. You want to a have a scuffed surface and eliminate any shiny clear coats. 

Tape and Paper time! If this is your first time painting you can buy painters tape and paper to protect areas you are not painting and to achieve perfect lines.

Lastly you are ready to apply a coat of paint either with a sponge roller or a airless paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are easily available to rent at hardware stores. Apply a light first coat and allow to dry. Second coat the door. Third coat may be necessary especially with darker colors or when covering up dark colors. 

Thats it. Not as hard as many expect it to be. As long as your following the steps in order you should be fine.

If you decide to hire a painter to do the job for you, that's great as well. Always hire local companies as they say .

How to Paint Concrete Surfaces / Sidewalks Driveways

Painting a concrete surface is simple and can be a fun DIY project.

It does not take much to paint your driveway or sidewalk areas. Following the simple guidelines to paint or repaint your concrete surfaces below will truly be beneficial for you. Just a few tools are required and some decent paint. Basic knowledge of painting is helpful but not technically necessary to get the job done. 

Always use a high grade paint or coating for your surface especially here in Florida. The heat from the sun will kill several years of the paints life span prior to the manufacturers approximation. Always. I average maybe 5 years for a good paint job to last on a sidewalk or driveway for example. Some brands of coatings say 10 years. However, in my experience I know this is not true as I get calls to repaint already painted surfaces a lot here in Vero Beach Florida.

Application of a coating you selected to use on the concrete surface you are painting should only be applied after the surface area has been thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer using a cleaning solution injected through the pressure wand. 

A paint job is only as good as the underneath surface remember! 

Application with a decent roller from Sherwin Williams is suitable for DIY people or home projects. Especially those who never done this before. You will be able to apply the paint at a slow steady pace ensuring you are covering it well. I do use a good cutting brush from Sherwin Williams to cut in the edges of the walkways or sidewalks that connect to the buildings exteriors. You really cant cut in closely with a roller. 

With these two tools and some good paint, your going to find painting a concrete surface is not rocket science after all.

View my video for a tutorial.

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